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Software produced by scientists at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz, California.

CoSMoS-COAST: The Coastal, One-line, Assimilated, Simulation Tool of the Coastal Storm Modeling System

A software release of CoSMoS-COAST: The Coastal, One-line, Assimilated, Simulation Tool of the Coastal Storm Modeling System. The software (coded in Matlab) encapsulates a long-term shoreline change model that combines longshore and cross-shore transport and assimilates historical shoreline observations.

Agisoft Metashape/Photoscan Automated Image Alignment and Error Reduction version 2.0

This repository contains python scripts which automate image alignment and sparse point cloud error reduction in the Agisoft Metashape/Photoscan structure from motion photogrammetry software package using the Agisoft Metashape Python API. The current version of the script (version 2.0) approximates the workflow described in U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2021-1039 (Over et al., 2021). The

Marfac Machine Vision Camera Interface

This project contains the C# software developed to control and acquire imagery from a FLIR GigE machine vision camera. It is built using the FLIR Spinnaker 64bit SDK version and requires the spinview application and associated dll's. This software was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 to control and acquire imagery from a GigE machine vision camera (Model: BFS-PGE-50S5C-C, t


This software was developed for and used by the structure-from-motion (SfM) quantitative underwater imaging device with five cameras (SQUID-5) project. The SQUID-5's camera exposure and sensor gain settings are set identically using a program written with the Spinnaker SDK and examples. Another Spinnaker SDK based program was created to collect, format and save image data to long-term-storage wit

ViTexOCR -- a script to extract text overlays from digital video

The ViTexOCR script presents a new method for extracting navigation data from videos with text overlays using optical character recognition (OCR) software. Over the past few decades, it was common for videos recorded during surveys to be overlaid with real-time geographic positioning satellite chyrons including latitude, longitude, date and time, as well as other ancillary data (such as speed, hea

Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP)

The Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP) is an online representation and visualization tool for the USGS Dam Removal Science Database, and provides a map-based visualization of information of dam removals and associated scientific studies.