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Our Capabilities

The Washington Water Science Center operates local and statewide networks to collect high-quality data. We also analyze hydrologic processes through rigorous investigations. Our scientists specialize in all aspects of water science including groundwater, surface water, water quality, and aquatic ecosystems.

Data Collection

We collect a variety of types of data including:

We provide real-time data available through interactive maps and web tools.

Public and private entities use our streamflow data for many applications including flood and water supply forecasting, planning and design, river regulation, and research investigation.

Water-resource data are critical for protecting life and property while enabling sustainable development and economic growth including irrigation, energy generation, industrial application, and recreation.


Scientific Investigations

We conduct scientific investigations to help cooperating agencies solve water problems.

These investigations address many water issues:

Our partners use the results of our studies to improve human and ecosystem health and safety. Water budgets enable groundwater management planning, water quality investigations identify degraded areas for restoration and protection, and flood forecasting allows communities to prepare for hazards.



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Explore Data

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