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Kevin Foley

I work as a member of the USGS PRISM project (Pliocene Research, Interpretation and Synoptic Mapping).  I provide data management and programming to make the project's twenty-year collection of data useable and available to the Climate Modeling Community.  Our primary users are the NASA GISS project and PlioMIP (Pliocene Model Inter-comparison Project), an international consortium of climate mode

I previously worked as a member of the Glacier Studies Project  on the Coastal Change and Glaciological Maps of Antarctica map series.  This map series draws on a broad range of resources from satellite imagery and aerial photographs to ships logs from previous centuries to demonstrate changes in the configuration of Antarctic glaciers and coastal ice over time.  The project dates back to 1990.  I joined the project in 2000 to study problems in map production that existed due to the broad range of source materials of varying scale and projections and the small number of reliable positional ground control points.  I initiated a program to digitize all source materials and shift the production of maps to digital means.