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Kristine Zellman

I am a Research Geologist with interests in sedimentary geology, paleoclimate proxy analysis, geologic mapping, and 3D modeling of subsurface geology.

My current research activities are focused on the sedimentary basins of the contiguous United States. As a member of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program’s (NCGMP) National Geologic Synthesis (NGS) project, I am tasked with leading an effort to compile data and develop methods for mapping and modeling the subsurface geology of sedimentary basins at scales relevant to regional and national synthesis products. I also collaborate with researchers from a variety of disciplines and institutions to conduct detailed investigations of paleoenvironmental change recorded in terrestrial sedimentary basin deposits.

Previously, I studied the role of recovering (post-drought and -grazing) vegetation and biological soil crust communities on the landscape evolution of sand dunes on the California Channel Islands using field investigations and remote sensing. I have also been involved in the creation of a wide variety of USGS geologic map publications.