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Liv Herdman

Liv integrates numerical models and field measurements to understand the aquatic environment (rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans) and its interactions with the human built environment and how the hydrodynamics shape ecosystems.

Dr. Liv Herdman started working for the USGS in 2015 as a hydrodynamic modeler to develop and improve the Coastal Storm Modeling System which predicts storm driven flooding (from storm-surge, waves and fluvial discharges) along the west coast of the United States. Her primary focus has been on operationalizing the modeling system and allowing real time connections to National Weather Service products including the National Water Model and creating short term flood forecasting products for the San Francisco Bay Estuary. 

Prior to this work Liv has investigated circulation in Lake Champlain, temperature dynamics in the Sacramento River Delta, and circulation in coral reefs. In general she is interested in problems where the environmental physics play an important role in shaping ecosystem health, including the human ecosystem and the necessary planning for preventing floods