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Mark R DuFour, PhD

Mark DuFour is a Research Fisheries Biologist with the Great Lakes Science Center, working out of the Lake Erie Biological Station in Huron, OH. 

As part of the Deepwater Science Program, Mark works collaboratively with regional partners to inform fisheries management and restoration related questions on Lake Erie. This work includes serving as the principal Investigator on two USGS core projects including Lake Erie Pelagic Prey Fish Population Dynamics (i.e., hydroacoustic survey) and Lake Erie Benthic Prey Fish Population Dynamics (i.e., bottom trawl survey). In addition, he is leading a collaborative acoustic telemetry study to better understand age-2+ yellow perch seasonal movement dynamics. He also serves as a team member on a broader study using autonomous vehicles (i.e., surface and underwater drones) to assess fish avoidance impacts on traditional vessel-based surveys across the Great Lakes. Mark’s current position has provided opportunities to collaborate on a host of projects within his focus areas (e.g., early life history, fisheries hydroacoustics, population dynamics, acoustic telemetry, and Bayesian statistical methods).