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A Message from the Laboratory Director

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Columbia River Research Laboratory

The Columbia River Research Laboratory (CRRL) is the Western Fisheries Research Center’s largest field station, and conducts wet and dry laboratory work on-site, and field research throughout the American West, from Southeast Alaska to the Colorado River. CRRL provides important scientific support to federal, state, and tribal natural resource managers as they work toward recovering species and restoring habitats. Our research experience spans geography (estuaries, tributary and mainstem habitats and reservoirs); topics (fish passage, aquatic invasive species, climate change); and, encompasses a diverse range of activities such as telemetry, physiological studies, and regional scale ecological modeling. Taken together, the breadth of our scientific endeavors and the depth of our expertise, comprise the source of our greatest strength, the capacity to conduct field and laboratory research that is multidisciplinary in nature. The experience and technological capacities we have acquired enable our group to develop innovative solutions to long standing challenges at the interface of biology and technology.  Many of our research findings are relevant to issues affecting the Nation.  Many of our staff are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their respective fields. Our success at providing client services has generated many future possibilities.

Please enjoy your exploration of our website. I am pleased to provide you an opportunity to learn more about us, our scientific interests and, most importantly, the range and magnitude of threats affecting fishery resources in the West. I hope this site provides you with the information you seek and stimulates your interest in the conservation of species and environments with which we work.

Steve Waste, Laboratory Director