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Annual ECCOE Workshop at USGS in Reston,VA

September 23, 2019


The ECCOE Workshop is an annual small gathering of dedicated calibration professionals focusing on one topic of interest.  Come join these experts for a deep-dive into calibration techniques and practices  

This Year’s Topic:

Calibrating Sun-synchronous and Geosynchronous Satellites: Sharing Best Practices

Two main categories of optical Earth Observation satellites are geo-synchronous (those that stare at the same area of the Earth's surface continuously) and sun-synchronous (those that observe differing areas of the Earth's surface at the same time each day). These types of systems have critical needs for the radiometric and geometric calibration of their sensors in order to conduct their missions. However, the procedures each group has developed for calibration are highly refined but substantially different due to the differing orbits. As a result, calibration teams for these two types of sensors do not often interact. Even so, since the fundamental goal of accurate image calibration remains the same, there are large areas of overlap between the two calibration communities that likely have not been extensively explored, compared, contrasted, and employed for improving calibration methodologies. That is, there is likely much that these two groups can learn from each other. The purpose of this workshop is to share best practices between the two groups with the goal of improved calibration for both sets of instruments in the hope that the discussions from this workshop will set a precedent for continued interactions between the two groups.

Attendees are free to choose and purchase lunch and coffee/snack options in the cafeteria. 

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This event will be held in conjunction of the 18th Annual JACIE Workshop.  Register for JACIE here.  


Does registering for the ECCOE Workshop register me for the JACIE workshop?

No, these two events, while collocated, each require their own registration. Register for the JACIE workshop here: