Landsat Missions

Landsat Sample Products

The USGS provides the Landsat user community access to standard and provisional sample products. These may include new science products (e.g., Level-3 evapotranspiration), and/or future product improvements, enhancements or bug fixes (e.g., shutter intrusion events).

The following Landsat product samples are currently available: 

Landsat Collection 2

For the Landsat user community to have sufficient time to augment their current Landsat Collection-based data processing flow, the Landsat Collection 2 sample data products listed below are available for download:


Collection 2 Level-1 Data Products


Collection 2 Level-2 Data Science Products (Surface Temperature and Surface Reflectance)


Collection 2 Level-1 Metadata Changes

There are several enhancements and changes between Collection 1 and Collection 2 Level-1 metadata. Please download the file below to review a summary of these improvements:

Landsat Collection 2 Level-1 Metadata Additions and Changes


Please contact USGS EROS Customer Services to provide any feedback or for additional support with downloading or viewing Landsat sample data products.