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Landsat Science Team Meeting - January 10-12, 2017

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Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts
January 10-12, 2017


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Meeting Objectives:

  1. Identify priorities for future Landsat measurements and technologies.
  2. Review status of Landsat 9 development.
  3. Review plans and status of USGS Landsat product initiatives – collections and analysis-ready data.
  4. Review Boston area remote sensing activities.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

  • Opening Remarks (Curtis Woodcock)
  • Introductions and Meeting Objectives (Tom Loveland, Jim Irons)
  • USGS and NASA HQ Perspective (Tim Newman, David Jarrett)
  • NASA LCLUC and MuSLI Activities (Garik Gutman)
    • Harmonized Landsat/Sentinel-2 Data Products (Jeff Masek)
  • USGS Landsat Science Team Re-Compete Plans (Tom Loveland)
    • Discussion of Landsat Science Team Impacts (Mike Wulder, Curtis Woodcock, David Roy)
  • MuSLI-LST Science Team Coordination (Jeff Masek, Garik Gutman, Tom Loveland)
  • Sentinel-2 Activities and Status (Benjamin Koetz)
  • Landsat and Sentinel-2 Integration (Patrick Griffiths)
  • Landsat 9 Development Status (Del Jenstrom, Jim Nelson)
  • Landsat Status Summary:
    • Landsat 7 and Landsat 8 Status, Landsat Archive and LGAC Status (Brian Sauer)
    • Landsat 8 TIRS Corrections Status, Landsat GCP Updates and Plans (Ron Morfitt)
  • Reflectance-Based Calibration Discussion (Dennis Helder)
  • University of Massachusetts Boston Remote Sensing Activities (Crystal Schaaf and colleagues)
    • Potential Long-Term Records of Surface Albedo at Fine Spatiotemporal Resolution from Landsat/Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectances and MODIS/VIIRS BRDFs (Zhan Li et al.)
    • Temporal Albedo Dynamics in Boreal Forest Fire Scars Using Higher Resolution Albedo Products from Landsat and Sentinel 2A (Angela Erb et al.)
    • Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS and PhenoCams to monitor the phenology of California oak/grass savanna and open grassland across spatial scales (Yan Liu et al.)
    • Augmenting Landsat Resources for Saltmarshes Ian Paynter (Peter Boucher et al.)


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

  • Updates on Future Landsat Mission Planning
    • USGS Requirements Analysis (Greg Snyder)   Screenshots
    • NASA Technology Investigation Update (Jeff Masek)
  • Updates from LST Future Missions Study Teams (10 minute summaries)
    • Landsat Continuity/Backward Compatibility
    • Temporal Frequency Improvements
    • Spatial Resolution/Geometric Improvements Summary
    • Radiometric Resolution and SNR Improvements
    • Best Spectral Bands
  • LST Future Missions Study Teams Working Sessions (breakouts)
  • Guest Speaker Farouk El-Baz, Boston University, Director, Center for Remote Sensing
  • Study Team Reports and Discussion of Next Steps
  • Boston University Remote Sensing Research Activities (Curtis Woodcock, Mark Friedl, and Colleagues)
    • Using three decades of Landsat data to characterize trends and interannual variation in boreal and temperate forest phenology (Eli Melaas, Damien Sulla-Menashe, and Mark Friedl)
    • Boreal Forest Greening and Browning Primarily Caused by Disturbance, not Climate change. (Damien Sulla-Menashe, Mark Friedl, Curtis Woodcock)
    • The changing scale of agriculture in South America (Jordan Graesser)
    • GFOI and SilvaCarbon capacity building and research efforts (Pontus Olofsson)
    • Obtaining unbiased area estimates for a MRV prototype: application in the Colombian Amazon (Paulo Arevalo)
    • Towards Improved Deforestation Monitoring by Fusing Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Time Series (Chris Holden and Curtis Woodcock)
    • Tiling Landsat Data for ABoVE (Damien Sulla-Menashe, Chris Holden, Curtis Woodcock, Mark Friedl)
    • Change agents classification based on all available Landsat data (Zhe Zhu and Zhiqiang Yang)
    • Near real-time monitoring of forest disturbance: algorithms and assessment framework (Xiaojing Tang, P. Olofsson, E. L. Bullock, S. Estel, C.E. Woodcock)
    • Post-Processing CCDC Results Using Classical Approaches to Structural Break Detection (Eric Bullock, C.H. Holden and C.E. Woodcock)
    • Monitoring the distribution and multi-temporal dynamics of Northeastern forests using all available Landsat observations (Valerie J. Pasquarella (now at U. Mass Amherst)
    • Global assessment of protected area effectiveness in the tropical forest ecosystem (Stephan Estel)


Thursday, January 12, 2017

  • Landsat Product Improvements and Collection Management
    • Collection 1 Production Status (Brian Sauer)
    • Landsat MSS and NoPCD Improvement Plans (Ron Morfitt)
    • Landsat 4-8 Surface Reflectance Status (John Dwyer)
    • U.S. Analysis Ready Data Specifications (Brian Sauer)
    • Planning for Global Analysis Ready Data (John Dwyer)
  • Landsat 9 Product Opportunities Discussion (Brian Sauer, others)
  • Landsat Advisory Group Update (Frank Avila)
  • AmericaView Update (Rick Lawrence)
  • Wrap up Discussion – Revisit Landsat Science Team Impacts