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Landsat Science Team Meeting - June 22-24, 2009

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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Center for Imaging Science
Rochester, New York
June 22-24, 2009


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Landsat Science Team - June 2009

Welcome and Meeting Objectives and Expectations – (John Schott, RIT; Tom Loveland, USGS; Jim Irons, NASA; Curtis Woodcock, BU)

Workings Group Discussions

  • Future Mission Working Group Report and Discussion (Curtis Woodcock, BU; Tom Loveland, USGS)
  • Perspectives on the Future of Landsat (John Cullen, USGS)
  • Data Gap Working Group Report and Discussion (Tom Holm, USGS)
  • Products Working Group Report and Discussion (John Dwyer, USGS)
  • Global Consolidated Landsat Archive Group Report and Discussion (Kristi Kline, USGS)

Rochester Institute of Technology Remote Sensing Research Activities (John Schott, RIT)

  • Overview of the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • Historic thermal calibration of Landsat 5 TM through an improved physics based approach

Landsat Updates and other related reports

  • Landsat 5 and 7 Status and Issues (Kristi Kline, USGS)
  • Global Land Survey 2010 Status (Jeff Masek, NASA; Garik Gutman, NASA; John Dwyer, USGS)
  • Landsat Global Land Surveys: Status Updates (Garik Gutman, NASA)
  • Watermarking Landsat Data (Bruce Quirk, USGS)
  • Landsat Education and Outreach (Anita Davis, NASA)

LDCM Status

  • NASA LDCM Status (Bill Ochs, NASA)
  • USGS LDCM Status (John Dwyer, USGS)
  • TIRS Status (Dennis Reuter, NASA)
  • Operational Land Imaging Report (Ed Knight, BATC)
  • LDCM Spacecraft Report (Bill Anselm, NASA)

USGS-ESA Collaboration

  • Origins of Landsat-Sentinel Discussions (Tim Stryker, USGS)
  • European Space Agency Sentinel 2 Report (Philippe Martimort, ESA/ESTEC)

Science Team Member Presentations

  • Utility of Thermal Image Sharpening in Mapping ET over Irrigated Landscapes (Martha Anderson ,USDA)
  • A surface reflectance standard product from LDCM and supporting activities (Eric Vermote, University of Maryland) 
  • Progress toward biophysical products from Landsat (Jennifer Dungan, NASA)
  • Synthesizing Landsat and MODIS Data for Science and Decision Support (Feng Gao, Earth Resources Technology, Inc.) 
  • Thermal Band Gymnastics for Evapotranspiration Retrievals (Rick Allen, University of Idaho)
  • Monitoring and Modeling Managed Forest Ecosystems Using Interannual Multitemporal Landsat Data (Randy Wynne, Virginia Tech)
  • Repeat Frequency versus Clear View Coverage for a Landsat Observatory: An Empirical Assessment (Sam Goward, University of Maryland)
  • The Increased Potential for LDCM to be Used for Constituent Retrieval in Case 2 Waters (Aaron Gerace, John Schott, RIT) 
  • Creating cloud-free Landsat image mosaics for vegetation and land-cover mapping over tropical landscapes new results with ETM+ SLC-off imagery (Eileen Helmer, USDA Forest Service)
  • Landscape Change Assessments in the Western US using Landsat Time Series Data and Ancillary Information (Jim Vogelmann, USGS)
  • Disturbance capture and ecosystem characterization with Landsat imagery (Mike Wulder, Canadian Forest Service) 
  • In search of the Truth: Building confidence in Landsat Time Series interpretations (Warren Cohen, USDA Forest Service) 
  • What should a high resolution global land cover product look like and how might we get there? (Curtis Woodcock, Boston University)
  • An update on recent Landsat cloud research (Lazaros Oreopoulos, NASA)