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May 1, 2023

Since 2000, Landsat Updates have provided important and timely updates about the USGS Landsat project.

Recently we launched a new outlet to share news about Landsat. With this change, the May 2023 issue will be the final Landsat Update.


In 2022, “Latest in Landsat” was launched—a monthly newsletter containing newly published headlines and other interesting highlights to keep you informed of current and upcoming Landsat Missions’ statuses, updates and changes to data processing. Plans for new data products and helpful interactive tools are also shared.  

Even though how Landsat news is delivered is changing, the collection of Landsat Updates will remain available for historical reference on the Landsat Missions Website. 

If you currently receive Landsat Updates via email, you are automatically enrolled to receive the Latest in Landsat newsletter. If you wish to change your subscription preferences, please visit the USGS subscriber site.  

We welcome your feedback and comments about the new “Latest in Landsat” newsletters. Reach out on our social media networks, or through the email addresses listed here. 


Screenshot of Landsat Newsletters
With Landsat Updates discontinuing, stay up to date on Landsat news by subscribing to "Latest in Landsat Newsletter".


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