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November 16, 2023

In October 2023, a Landsat 8 satellite anomaly forced Level-1 product processing to pause while the data acquired were assessed. After the satellite recovered and data acquisitions resumed, a number of scenes were processed with updated calibration information and made available for download.

It was recently discovered that some of the scenes do not meet standard quality measures and further changes to the production system are needed to account for the larger than normal geometric offsets in the imagery.  

Level-1 and Level-2 science products that were created from data acquired over Path 96 on October 17 and October 18, 2023, have been removed from the USGS inventory until further analysis can be done to improve the quality of the products.   

  • Path 96, Rows 10-18; 43; 54-56; 61-87; 106-109;144 

These data will be reprocessed to Level-1 products in the future, along with data from Path 112 and Path 128, which were also impacted by the same anomaly. A future post will provide details on the plans to reprocess these data.  

The details about the recent anomaly that impacted Landsat 8 data can be found on November 6, 2023 Headline.  

Please contact USGS EROS Customer Services with any questions about this news.  


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