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Dr. Donya Frank-Gilchrist on technical tour of Mont Saint-Michel in France

Detailed Description

Dr. Donya Frank-Gilchrist of the USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center attended the Marine and River Dune Dynamics Conference (MARID), held April 3-5, 2023, that helped facilitate knowledge exchange with scientists across the world specializing in bedform dynamics in marine, riverine, and subaerial environments across a wide range of scales from small sand ripples to large dunes. MARID facilitates communication between scientists across various disciplines to improve our understanding of bedform dynamics in various environments and across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales with a focus on societal implications. The MARID conference included a technical tour of the tidal flats around Mont Saint-Michel to give the attendees first-hand experience of the morphological features in a wave-dominated vs. current-dominated combined flow environment.


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