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Inspecting equipment at streamgage 040871473 at Wilson Park Creek in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Detailed Description

Owen Stefaniak inspects equipment at streamgage 040871473, Wilson Park Creek @ GMIA Infall at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wilson Park Creek at Gmia Infall at Milwaukee, WI - USGS Water Data for the Nation. The streamagage is next to the 128th Air Refueling Wing, Air National Guard base.

The streamgage is inside Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport property and is primarily upstream of most airport deicing activity, so it is used as a reference site for the area. The water data may be occasionally impacted by ice control products due to the proximity of adjacent runways. The gage measures discharge just like a normal stream gage, but then it also has an autosampler that allows technicians to remotely sample stream water during the duration of a storm event when deicing activities will be most frequent. The samples are analyzed for parameters such as propylene glycol (the active freezing point depressant in aircraft deicers/anti-icers), acetate (a component in pavement deicers), and chemical oxygen demand (which helps us determine how pollution will impact the oxygen levels in the stream).



Public Domain.