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Pacific Island Coral Reef and Fish

Detailed Description

Coral reef fish assemblage in the Kealakekua Bay Marine Life Conservation District off the leeward side of Hawaiʻi Island, Hawaiʻi on 11 November 2016. Pictured are ʻŪʻū (Bigscale Soldierfish) Myripristis berndti, Lauʻipala (Yellow Tang) Zebrasoma flavescens, Hinālea iʻiwi (Bird Wrasse) Gomphosus varius, Chocolate-dip Chromis Chromis hanui, Māʻiʻiʻi (Brown Surgeonfish) Acanthurus nigrofuscus, and Poʻou (Ringtail Wrasse) Oxycheilinus unifasciatus.


Public Domain.