View of tsunami damage from highway to Camaná

View from above looking at a beach area with damaged structures, and waves breaking far off in the distance.

Detailed Description

View of tsunami damage from highway to Camaná, following the June 23, 2001 Peru Tsunami


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Location Taken: US


Preliminary Analysis of Sedimentary Deposits from the June 23, 2001 Peru Tsunami
On June 23, 2001 a deadly tsunami hit the southern coast of Peru, triggered by a massive earthquake of moment magnitude 8.4, the largest earthquake recorded worldwide in 35 years. The tsunami was observed in many coastal areas of the Pacific including Peru, Chilé, Hawaii, and Japan. Hardest hit was the region around Camaná, Peru, where more than 20 people died as a result of the tsunami and thousands of homes, hotels, and restaurants were destroyed. Shortly after the tsunami, a multi-national team of scientists visited Peru to document the effects of the tsunami. This group is referred to as the first International Tsunami Survey Team (1st ITST). In early September, a second group of scientists from the United States and Peru cooperated in a study of sediment deposited by the tsunami.