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Landsat: Products & Services from the USGS - Webinar, September 2023

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The USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center maintains the largest civilian collection of images of the Earth’s land surface. At EROS we study land change and produce land change data products used by researchers, resource managers, and policymakers across the nation and around the world. The EROS User Services team provides assistance and outreach to help users in the data community access and work with data distributed from EROS. As part of the outreach effort, the EROS User Services team provides a webinar series where we talk to staff at EROS to learn more about the data, tools, and services coming out of the USGS EROS. This YouTube video is a recording of a previous webinar entitled: “Landsat: Products & Services from the USGS”. This webinar was recorded on September 26, 2023.

The webinar provided an overview of the Landsat Program and active missions, Landsat data products and data access, and available tools and services. Since 1972, the joint U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Landsat series of Earth Observation satellites have continuously acquired images of the Earth’s land surface. Eight satellites have added more than 11 million Level-1 scenes to the USGS EROS Archive.

Landsat products are used to monitor, assess, and project how changes in land use, land cover, and land condition affect people and nature. Current products available include Level-1 (scaled calibrated radiance), Level-2 (Atmospherically Corrected Global Surface Reflectance and Surface Temperature and Provisional Aquatic Reflectance), Level-3 Science Products (Dynamic Surface Water Extent, Factional Snow-Covered Area, Burned Area, and Provisional Actual Evapotranspiration) and U.S. Analysis Ready Data (ARD).

Learn more about Landsat or find more detailed information on Landsat data access. View the geonarrative presented during the webinar.

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Landsat products can be downloaded or accessed via:

Sign up for an EROS Registration System (ERS) account to access Landsat data.

For any questions about Landsat data and data access or any other data, tools, or services provided by the USGS EROS, please contact

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