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The USGS Florence Bascom Geoscience Center (FBGC) is at the leading edge of scientific research addressing critical societal issues and providing unbiased data and information to decision makers and the public. This video highlights the pollen laboratory within the FBGC and briefly highlights how extracting pollen palynomorphs from geologic field samples assists scientists in their work and informs policy makers as to the importance of our science.

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>> Our science is really important because it helps us kind of look at the past and figure out what happened. If we know what happened, maybe we can better understand what's happening now or what could potentially happen in the future. My primary role is to process samples to extract the pollen. We usually use pollen to kind of reconstruct both local and regional paleoclimate records. Some of our projects, we've worked very closely with Park Service. We can look at the pollen and tell the Park Managers, you know, what was the history of their park land. Using that information, they can better understand and protect our natural resources. 
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