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July 8, 2021
NASA Invites You to Create Landsat-Inspired Arts and Crafts
Embroidery based on canola fields
Images of agriculture from space often combine bright colors and interesting shapes and lines. NASA Earth science social manager Katy Mersmann created embroidery based on an image of canola fields in Canada.

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Since July 23, 1972, Landsat satellites have collected images of Earth from space, adding to the longest continuous space-based record of our planet’s surface. This September, Landsat 9 is scheduled to launch to continue this legacy past the half-century mark.

In honor of the upcoming launch, NASA invites you to tap into your creative side, and proudly display what Landsat means to you! Create art or make a craft that’s inspired by a favorite Landsat image or the satellite itself and share it with us on social media. Visit this NASA webpage for all of the important details.

Need inspiration? Check out the USGS EROS Earth as Art library

Landsat is a joint mission of NASA and the USGS.


Banner image caption: Crafter and NASA Ocean Communications Lead Sara Blumberg created and inked this Landsat wood type for letterpress printing. Credit: Sara Blumberg/NASA

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