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Mineral Resources Program Website Moves

April 29, 2019

Looking for your favorite Mineral Resources Program websites? See the list below to start!

MRP website screenshot
Screenshot of the migrated Mineral Resources Program website.

Mineral Resources Program

The website formerly at

National Minerals Information Center

The website formerly at

Other Science Centers Receiving Mineral Resources Program Funding

Why move the website?

We have migrated our website into a new framework that better aligns with our national USGS mission. Besides the obvious cosmetic overhaul and new look of the website, the underlying architecture and functionality is considerably different. The new website improves upon:

  1. Search engine optimization,
  2. Mobile compatibility, 
  3. Better accessibility. 

Like moving a home, it takes time to unpack everything and move into new locations. If you still need help locating things, please contact Maria Montour.