California Volcano Observatory

Rock and Sample Preparation Laboratories

Buildings 4 and 15, contact Nicole Thomas

Rock Preparation Laboratory
Building 4

The rock preparation laboratory is a shared facility for rock cutting, grinding, and sieving of bulk samples. It includes a separate rock/core layout room.

Mineralogy and Petrology Laboratory
Building 15

The mineralogy and petrology laboratory is a shared facility for preparation and identification of mineralogical and petrologic samples. It houses automated X-ray powder diffractometer, heavy-liquid and magnetic mineral separation equipment, fine grinding and sieving equipment, wafering saw, petrographic and binocular microscopes, and fume hoods for caustic chemical treatments.

Machine Shop
Building 4

The machine shop is a shared facility for machining and repair of equipment. It includes lath, drill press, vertical mill, band saw, and standard hand tools, chemicals, and lab accessories.



Nicole Thomas

Student Trainee
Phone: 505-830-7900