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General contact information for the California Volcano Observatory may be found here. Individual contact information can be found at the bottom of the page. 


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Volcano Geophysicist Kyle R. Anderson, Ph.D. 650-439-2561
Senior Research Geologist Emeritus Charles R Bacon, PhD 650-329-5246
Volcano Hazard Assessment and Communication Specialist Jessica L Ball, Ph.D. 650-439-2597
Research Geophysicist Maurizio Battaglia 650-439-2629
Volcano Petrologist Dawnika L. Blatter, PhD 650-329-4839
Geochronologist Seth D. Burgess 650-329-5220
Scientist-in-Charge Andrew Todd Calvert, Ph.D. 650-329-5276
Research Geologist Michael Clynne 650-329-5236
Volcanology Research Geophysicist Joshua A. Crozier 832-716-4001
Research Chemist David Damby, Ph.D 650-329-4961
Volcano Seismologist Phillip Dawson, IV 650-439-2751
Research Geologist Julie Donnelly-Nolan, PhD 650-329-5203
Scientist Emeritus Bill Evans, PhD 650-329-4514
Research Geologist Judith Fierstein 650-329-5202
Senior Scientist (ST) Wes Hildreth 650-329-5231
Volcano Seismologist Alicia J. Hotovec-Ellis, PhD 650-439-2886
Research Hydrologist Shaul Hurwitz
Research Hydrologist Steven Ingebritsen, Ph.D. 650-329-4422
Research Geologist Jennifer Lynn Lewicki, PhD 650-329-4604
Scientist Emeritus Peter W Lipman, PhD 650-269-5295
Research Geophysicist Michael Albert Mitchell, Ph.D. 650-329-5083
Scientist Emeritus (Geologist) James G Moore 650-329-5244
Scientist Emeritus Patrick Muffler, Ph.D. 650-329-5239
Volcanologist Emeritus Manuel Nathenson 650-329-5292
Geochemist Sara Peek 650-329-4509
Research Hydrologist Mark Reid 650-439-2891
Geologist Joel E. Robinson
Volcanologist and Electron Microbeam Lab Manager Dawn C.S. Ruth, PhD 650-329-4935
Research Geologist Thomas Winslow Sisson, PhD 650-329-5247
Geochronologist Mark E. Stelten, PhD 650-329-5213