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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Volcano Geophysicist Kyle R. Anderson, Ph.D. 650-439-2561
Senior Research Geologist Emeritus Charles R Bacon, PhD 650-329-5246
Volcano Hazard Assessment and Communication Specialist Jessica L Ball, Ph.D. 650-439-2597
Research Geophysicist Maurizio Battaglia 650-439-2629
Volcano Petrologist Dawnika L. Blatter, PhD 650-329-4839
Geochronologist Seth D. Burgess 650-329-5220
Scientist-in-Charge Andrew Todd Calvert, Ph.D. 650-329-5276
Research Geologist Michael Clynne 650-329-5236
Volcanology Research Geophysicist Joshua A. Crozier 832-716-4001
Research Chemist David Damby, Ph.D 650-329-4961
Volcano Seismologist Phillip Dawson, IV 650-439-2751
Research Geologist Julie Donnelly-Nolan, PhD 650-329-5203
Scientist Emeritus Bill Evans, PhD 650-329-4514
Research Geologist Judith Fierstein 650-329-5202
Senior Scientist (ST) Wes Hildreth 650-329-5231
Volcano Seismologist Alicia J. Hotovec-Ellis, PhD 650-439-2886
Research Hydrologist Shaul Hurwitz 650-329-4441
Research Hydrologist Steven Ingebritsen, Ph.D. 650-329-4422
Research Geologist Jennifer Lynn Lewicki, PhD 650-329-4604
Scientist Emeritus Peter W Lipman, PhD 650-269-5295
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow Sean P Maher 650-439-2752
Research Geophysicist Michael Albert Mitchell, Ph.D. 650-329-5083
Scientist Emeritus (Geologist) James G Moore 650-329-5244
Scientist Emeritus Patrick Muffler, Ph.D. 650-329-5239
Volcanologist Emeritus Manuel Nathenson 650-329-5292
Geochemist Sara Peek 650-329-4509
Research Hydrologist Mark Reid 650-439-2891
Geologist Joel E. Robinson
Volcanologist and Electron Microbeam Lab Manager Dawn C.S. Ruth, PhD 650-329-4935
Research Geologist Thomas Winslow Sisson, PhD 650-329-5247
Geochronologist Mark E. Stelten, PhD 650-329-5213