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Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) FAQs

Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) FAQs

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) below represent a Bureau consensus to ensure interpretations of Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) policies are uniformly applied throughout the USGS. These FAQs not only provide further explanation of the FSP and related publishing policies but also describe the specific procedures and decision making necessary to meet the policy requirements.

The FAQs will be updated as necessary and changes in the form of additions or revisions are reflected by date (month/year) as they occur. Questions about the FSP that are not addressed here should be directed to

Click on the links below to access the individual FSP FAQ topic pages in this collection.


Terms Used: For the purpose of these FAQs, the term "Science Center Director" is equivalent to other terms that may be used in the USGS, such as Chief Scientist, Science Center Manager, Center or Branch Chief, Coop Unit Leader, and Cost Center Manager. Other terms used frequently throughout this FAQ collection will be referred to by the acronyms (in parentheses) as follows: Digital Object Identifier (DOI), Fundamental Science Practices (FSP), Information Product Data System (IPDS), Bureau Approving Official (BAO), Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI), Office of Communications and Publishing (OCAP), Restricted-File Federal Interagency Report (RFFIR), Science Publishing Network (SPN), and Publishing Service Center (PSC).

FOR USGS Scientists and Other Employees: A small subset of additional FSP FAQs for internal use only are available on the USGS FSP FAQ intranet page.