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Real-time Data

Our scientists gather information through periodic or continuous measurement in the field to provide a view of current conditions. In some instances, observations may not be subject to rigorous review before release; this will be noted in the documentation accompanying the data.

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Rocky Mountain Regional Snowpack Chemistry Monitoring: Data Tables

Link to snowpack chemistry data collected for the Rocky Mountain Regional Snowpack Chemistry Monitoring Study.   .

Montana Crest-Stage Gage Network

The purpose of the crest-stage gage network is to inventory and monitor peak discharges throughout the state of Montana, with special emphasis on streams that may damage transportation infrastructure.  Recorded data documenting peak streamflow at various sites within the state will be used by the Montana Department of Transportation to support assessments of culvert size, bridge construction, and


Streams throughout the country are routinely sampled for their water quality. Water-quality data are available for active sites and historical sites from the USGS National Water Information System Web Interface (NWISWeb). NWISWeb has discrete water-quality sample data as well as continuous water-quality data. 

Water-quality sampling sites in the upper Clark fork Basin, Montana

Mining in the upper Clark Fork Basin has resulted in substantial effects on water quality from large amounts of waste materials enriched with metallic contaminants. The U.S. Geological Survey has collected data since 1985 to document changes in water quality that might have resulted from remediation activities. 

Real-time groundwater data sites in the WLCI area

Four wells in the WLCI area are continuously monitored to help describe the interaction between the groundwater and surface water.

USGS Klamath River Basin Water-Quality Mapper

This map interface represents continuous and discrete water-quality data collected by Bureau of Reclamation and USGS at Klamath Basin sites. The USGS and Reclamation data stored in NWIS are accessible using existing tools such as NWIS-Web and the USGS Data Grapher system.

Surface-Water for Washington

Real-time, daily, peak-flow, field measurements, and statistics of current and historical data that describe stream levels, streamflow (discharge), reservoir and lake levels, surface-water quality, and rainfall in Washington. Surface-water data are collected and stored as either discrete field-water-level measurements or as continuous time-series data from automated recorders.

USGS Peak Streamflow Data

The National Water Information System (NWIS) is the USGS water data portal where you can find a wealth of historic and real-time data related to floods. The NWIS website also is where you can query peak streamflow data by station, state (Wyoming or Montana), or region. 

FloodWatch - View flood and high-flow conditions.

The USGS FloodWatch website is a map-based resource from USGS WaterWatch that gives users hourly visual updates for flood conditions at over 3000 locations across the United States (Wyoming or Montana). Learn how to use FloodWatch.