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Real-time Data

Our scientists gather information through periodic or continuous measurement in the field to provide a view of current conditions. In some instances, observations may not be subject to rigorous review before release; this will be noted in the documentation accompanying the data.

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Profile Analysis Tool - Detroit Lake, OR

Lake profiler used to display water-quality data in Detroit Lake, OR. These data also provide insights into the evolution, behavior, and decay of the seasonal blooms which can inform management strategies, modeling, and perhaps prediction of blooms in the future.

Kentucky Drought Condition Monitor

The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana WSC/Kentucky Agricultural Development Board choose four parameters to monitor drought: precipitation, streamflow, groundwater level, and crop moisture index. These parameters are frequently used by the Kentucky Drought Mitigation and Response Plan (2008) as indicators of the four stages of drought: drought advisory, moderate drought, severe drought, and extreme drought.

Latest Earthquakes Map and List

View most recent events or search for past earthquakes. Optimized for mobile and desktop.

Freshwater Flow into Chesapeake Bay

The USGS provides estimates of the monthly and annual amounts of freshwater flow into the Bay so scientists and managers can better understand effects on ecosystem conditions.

Groundwater Watch - Colorado Active Water Level Network

The Active Groundwater Level Network contains water levels and well information from wells in Colorado

USGS Installed Wells - San Diego County, CA

Summary tables of data for USGS installed wells in San Diego County, CA.  Included are links to data sets, including well construction, geophysical logs, lithologic logs, groundwater levels, water quality, and streamgages.

Puget Sound Real-Time Water-Level Data

The chart shows the most recent 7 days of data at all Puget Sound water level sites with available data. Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom and drag to pan. Sites include Bellingham, Oak Harbor, Edmonds, Lofall, Steilacoom, and Olympia.

Drought Streamflow Probabilities in Northeast Region

Maximum likelihood logistic regression (MLLR) is used to estimate drought probabilities for selected Northeast rivers and streams. Winter streamflows are used to estimate the chance of hydrologic drought during summer months. This application allows the display and query of these drought streamflow probabilities for Northeastern streams.

Detailed Aquifer Mapping Program in Upstate New York

Define the hydrogeology of extensively used (primary) stratified-drift aquifers in upstate NY, and present the information as individual sets of maps at 1:24,000 scale. Each published report describes the hydrogeology of a specific aquifer or segment, and depicts selected hydrogeologic characteristics. Continue the hydrogeologic assessment and mapping of selected principal aquifers in upstate NY.

Pennsylvania Drought Condition Monitoring

The PA Drought Condition Monitoring Application shows the current drought status for each county and hydrologic conditions for precipitation, streamflow, groundwater levels, and Palmer Drought-Severity Index used by PA DEP for drought monitoring.

USGS Surface-Water Data for the Nation

Real-time, daily, peak-flow, field measurements, and statistics of current and historical data that describe stream levels, streamflow (discharge), reservoir and lake levels, surface-water quality, and rainfall across the U.S. Surface-water data are collected and stored as either discrete field-water-level measurements or as continuous time-series data from automated recorders.