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An official USGS software project is code reviewed and approved at the bureau-level for distribution.

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Multi-objective Modeling as a Decision-support Tool for Feral Horse Management

Decisions related to controversial problems in natural resource management receive the greatest support when they account for multiple objectives of stakeholders in a structured and transparent fashion. In the United States, management of feral horses (Equus caballus) is a controversial multi-objective problem because disparate stakeholder groups have varying objectives and opinions about how to m

Abstraction Layer for Ephemerides

Abstraction Layer for Ephemeride version 0.8.7

Science-based Management of Ravens Tool (SMaRT)

The Science-based Management of Ravens Tool (SMaRT) supports a science-based adaptive management framework that incorporates recent quantitative analyses and mapping products for addressing areas with elevated common raven (Corvus corax) numbers and minimizing potential adverse impacts to sensitive species, agricultural damage, and human safety (Dettenmaier et al. 2021). This is a web-based applic

Code to analyze Capture-Mark-Recapture data of San Francisco gartersnakes (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia)

Code files "growth_analysis.R" -An R script to fit the von Bertalanffy growth model to growth data from San Francisco gartersnakes. The von Bertalanffy growth model is fit using JAGS software (Plummer 2003), and is based on the model presented in Armstrong and Brooks (2013). "survival_analysis.R" -An R script to fit the robust-design Cormack-Jolly-Seber model to capture-mark-recapture data from


poscrptR is a simple R package with the sole purpose of distributing a shiny app for predicting post-fire conifer regeneration. Learn more about shiny apps here.

GW/SW-MST: A Groundwater/Surface-Water Method Selection Tool

The Groundwater/Surface-Water Method Selection Tool (GW/SW-MST) is a spreadsheet-based tool to help practitioners identify methods for use in groundwater/surface-water (GW/SW) exchange and hyporheic studies. GW/SW exchange and hyporheic processes are topics receiving increasing attention from the hydrologic community. Hydraulic, chemical, temperature, geophysical, and remote sensing methods are u

MODFLOW-NWT: A Newton Formulation for MODFLOW-2005

MODFLOW-NWT is a Newton-Raphson formulation for MODFLOW-2005 to improve solution of unconfined groundwater-flow problems. MODFLOW-NWT is a standalone program that is intended for solving problems involving drying and rewetting nonlinearities of the unconfined groundwater-flow equation.

POPMAPS: An R package to estimate ancestry probability surfaces

This software code was developed to estimate the probability that individuals found at a geographic location will belong to the same genetic cluster as individuals at the nearest empirical sampling location for which ancestry is known. POPMAPS includes 5 main functions to calculate and visualize these results (see Table 1 for functions and arguments). Population assignment coefficients and a raste


SolVES is a tool for modeling and mapping social survey response data in relation to explanatory environmental variables. SolVES 4.0 was developed as open-source software with Python and uses the free software packages QGIS for its user interface and PostgreSQL spatially enabled by PostGIS for its source database. Updates to the previous version include minor changes to the source database and use

U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Toolbox Software Archive

The U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Toolbox is a Windows-based desktop software program that provides a graphical and mapping interface for analysis of hydrologic time-series data with a set of widely used and standardized computational methods. The software combines the analytical and statistical functionality provided in the U.S. Geological Survey Groundwater and Surface-Water Toolboxes. The m

USGS BiblioSearch: A python tool to facilitate searching, cleaning, and compiling of literature search results from across multiple citation databases

USGS BiblioSearch is a python tool that performs literature searches across multiple citation databases via APIs or other web services in Python. The tool provides a quick method to query keywords and clean and compile results. Currently, the software includes methods to search four databases - Clarivate Web of Science, Elsevier Scopus, USGS Publications Warehouse, and USGS ScienceBase.

sbtools: USGS ScienceBase Tools

Tools for interacting with U.S. Geological Survey ScienceBase interfaces. ScienceBase is a data cataloging and collaborative data management platform. Functions included for querying ScienceBase, and creating and fetching datasets.