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REGOLITH--A Fortran 95 program for estimating soil mantle thickness in a digital landscape for landslide and debris-flow hazard assessment

The computer program REGOLITH is a Fortran program designed for estimating soil thickness over a digital landscape. The program implements various published empirical and process-based models for soil thickness. This command-line program is used in conjunction with Python scripts to prepare input files and automate certain steps.


lsforce is a Python-based single-force seismic inversion framework for massive landslides.


Software for tracking rainfall thresholds for landslide and debris-flow occurrence, user manual.

Thresh - Software for Tracking Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide and Debris Flow Occurrence, Code Repository

The precipitation tracking program, thresh, is a Fortran program designed for computing various measures of precipitation for comparison against established or trial thresholds for landslide occurrence. The program computes cumulative precipitation and precipitation intensity and duration and compares them to thresholds to identify periods of threshold exceedance for use in landslide early warning


Scoops3D is software to analyze three-dimensional slope stability throughout a digital landscape.


SLAMMER is a Java program that facilitates performing a variety of sliding-block analyses to evaluate seismic slope performance.


A Fortran Program for Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability Analysis, Version 2.0.


A Fortran-77 Computer Program to Calculate the Areal Distribution of Mapped Data Points Using Count-Circle Methodology.

JanbuGS, BishopGS, and FelleniusGS

Fortran-77 programs for limit-equilibrium slope-stability analysis.