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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Civil Engineer Shelby Ahrendt, PhD 303-273-8554
Research Geophysicist Kate E Allstadt, Ph.D. 303-273-8570
Geologist Nikita N Avdievitch
Research Civil Engineer Katherine Barnhart 303-273-8582
Research Geologist Emeritus Rex Baum 303-273-8610
Geologist Kelli Baxstrom 303-273-8625
Hydrologist Emily C Bedinger
Geologist Gina Belair
Supervisory Geologist Eric Bilderback, Ph.D. 303-273-8488
USGS-USAID Landslide Hazards Advisor Corina Cerovski-Darriau
Research Geologist Jeffrey Coe 303-273-8606
Geophysicist Elaine Collins
Supervisory Research Civil Engineer Brian Collins 650-439-2466
Physical Scientist Andrew Collins 207-626-6611
Geologist Skye C Corbett 650-439-2819
Geologist Sonia Ellison
Landslide Hazards Program Coordinator Jonathan Godt 303-273-8626
Research Geologist Andrew Graber, Ph.D.
Computer Scientist Michelle Guy 303-273-8650
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow Sarah R Hall, PhD
Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards Gavin P Hayes 303-273-8421
Geologist Olivia Hoch
Research Geologist Erin K Jensen 303-273-8579
GIS Specialist Eric Jones 303-273-8445
Research Hydrologist Jason Kean 303-273-8608
Geologist Jaime Kostelnik 720-392-8049
Supervisory Geophysicist Lynda Lastowka 303-273-8422
Research Geologist Lisa Luna, PhD
Geologist / Web Content Manager Marisa Macias
Computer Scientist Eric M Martinez 303-273-8653
Geologist Sabrina N Martinez 303-273-8500
Scientist Emeritus Jill McCarthy 303-273-8579
Geologist Charlie Miles
Research Geologist Ben Mirus 303-273-8613
Research Geologist Jonathan P Perkins 650-439-2828
Scientist Emeritus Linda Pratt 303-273-8507
Research Hydrologist Mark Reid 650-439-2891
Research Geologist Francis Rengers 303-273-8637
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow Jenny Riker, PhD
Research Civil Engineer Lauren N Schaefer 303-273-8564
Research Geologist Kevin Schmidt 650-439-2302
GIS Specialist Robert G Schmitt 303-273-8583
Research Geologist William Schulz 303-273-8404
Deputy Director Brian Shiro, Ph.D. 303-273-8515
Associate Program Coordinator Stephen L. Slaughter 303-273-8482
Media Lead - Natural Hazards Steven Sobieszćzyk 503-853-3425
Operations John Spritzer 303-273-8430
Research Hydrologist Matthew A Thomas 303-273-8588
Research Geophysicist (Mendenhall) Liam Toney, PhD
Geophysicist/Science Communications/Web Content Manager Lisa A Wald