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Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) under the Core Science Systems (CSS) Mission Area, has a unique spectrum of skills, products, and services that enhance the scientific capabilities within the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  

Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Data Science – Converting data into actionable knowledge.
SAS Data Science - Converting data into actionable knowledge. 

The SAS vision is to: Drive innovation in biodiversity, computational and data science to accelerate scientific discovery to anticipate and address societal challenges. Working towards this vision, our activities are organized under five science themes: 1) Data Science; 2) Biodiversity Science; 3) Advanced Research Computing; 4) Library and Information Science; and 5) Human Dimensions. These science themes are interconnected, with Data as the common thread tying together the various scientific research and discovery activities conducted within SAS and USGS.

The SAS mission is to:

  • Provide a National Biogeographic Map that integrates occurrence, habitat, taxonomic, and range data for terrestrial, freshwater and marine data.
  • Apply and advance science data lifecycle practices and principles.
  • Create applications, data and resources to support innovative and unanticipated, but appropriate, uses.
  • Build capacity in data science to develop and apply methods to synthesize data for improved analyses.
  • Deliver high-performance computing to support complex analysis, synthesis and research demands.
  • Advance the mission through communities of practice and partnership.