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Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS), a program within the Core Science Systems (CSS) Mission Area, offers a comprehensive spectrum of skills, products, and services that enhance scientific research capabilities within the United States Geological Survey (USGS).


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Biologist Abby Benson 303-202-4087
Data Manager - Physical Scientist Grace Cornelison Donovan 303-202-4521
Computer Scientist Jeff Falgout 303-202-4261
Biologist Stephen K Formel, PhD
USGS Associate Chief Data Officer & Program Coordinator (Acting) Michael T Frame 865-576-3605
Advanced Research Computing Team Lead Janice Gordon 303-202-4225
Branch Chief, Science Data Management Gregory Gunther 303-236-5884
Community Coordinator - Physical Scientist Leslie Hsu
Senior Data Advisor Vivian B Hutchison 303-202-4227
Repository Lead - Geographer Drew Ignizio 303-202-4082
Scientist Emeritus Keith Kirk 831-460-7559
Data Manager - Biologist Madison L. Langseth 303-202-4088
Computer Scientist R. Lopaka Lee 808-967-8883
Data Manager - Librarian Amanda Liford 303-236-1000
Biologist / Information Specialist Elizabeth Martin
Data Manager - Physical Scientist Ricardo McClees-Funinan
Data Manager - Biologist Tamar Norkin
Physical Scientist Kyla Richards
Data Scientist - Biologist Elizabeth Sellers 703-648-4385
Data Scientist Brandon S Serna
Computational Scientist Jeff Tracey 619-225-6420
Scientist Daniel Wieferich 303-202-4603
Computer Scientist Brad Williams 303-202-4229
Supervisory Research Ecologist Mark T Wiltermuth 608-769-2248
Data Scientist - Librarian Lisa Zolly 303-202-4157