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Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool (FACET)

December 4, 2019
Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool (FACET) GIF
Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool (FACET) GIF

The Floodplain and Evaluation Tool (FACET) is an open-source python tool that maps the floodplain extent and derives reach-scale summaries of stream and floodplain geomorphic measurements from high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs).

FACET allows the user to hydrologically condition the DEM, generate a stream network, select one of two options for stream bank identification, map the floodplain extent using a Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) approach, and calculate stream and floodplain metrics using three approaches. 

The current version of FACET was built to process 3-m DEMs in the Chesapeake and Delaware Basins. Stay tuned for future FACET updates to run DEMs in other basins.

FACET is available at