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Date published: October 9, 2020

USGS: Delta will erode parts of Louisiana, Texas coasts

Editor’s note: This story updates and replaces a story published October 8, reflecting a new forecast that reduces the extent of Hurricane Delta’s impacts on central Gulf Coast sandy shorelines. 

To learn more about USGS’s role in providing science to decision makers before, during and after Hurricane Delta, visit   

Date published: October 7, 2020

USGS Deploying Storm Tide Sensors Along Gulf Coast for Hurricane Delta

To learn more about USGS’s role in providing science to decision-makers before, during and after Hurricane Delta, visit the USGS Hurricane Delta page at  

Date published: August 29, 2019

Throughout Hurricane Season, USGS Science is There Before, During and After the Storm

When a major storm threatens to make landfall in the United States or its territories, the USGS provides comprehensive scientific capabilities and information that decision makers, emergency responders and communities can use to help them prepare, cope and recover from a storm.