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Hurricane Delta

Information about Hurricane Delta.



USGS: Delta will erode parts of Louisiana, Texas coasts


USGS Deploying Storm Tide Sensors Along Gulf Coast for Hurricane Delta


Throughout Hurricane Season, USGS Science is There Before, During and After the Storm


A survey of storm-induced seaward-transport features observed during the 2019 and 2020 hurricane seasons

Hurricanes are known to play a critical role in reshaping coastlines, but often only impacts on the open ocean coast are considered, ignoring seaward-directed forces and responses. The identification of subaerial evidence for storm-induced seaward transport is a critical step towards understanding its impact on coastal resiliency. The visual features, found in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Jin-Si R. Over, Jenna A. Brown, Christopher R. Sherwood, Christie Hegermiller, Phillipe Alan Wernette, Andrew C. Ritchie, Jonathan Warrick