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Marine magnetic data from Point Sur to Piedras Blancas, central California, 2011

This dataset includes marine magnetic data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in 2011 during field activity B-05-11-CC between Point Sur and Piedras Blancas, central California.

Minisparker seismic-reflection data collected between Point Sur and Morro Bay, offshore of central California, from 2011-09-12 to 2011-09-26 (USGS field activity B-05-11-CC)

This data release includes marine geophysical data collected on cruise B-05-11-CC between Point Sur and Morro Bay, California. The overall goal of this research is to understand the shallow geologic framework of this area as a contribution to the California Seafloor Mapping Program (Johnson and others, 2017). Particular focus is on mapping active faults and documenting the distribution and thickne