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Alexander Zale, PhD

Unit Leader - Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Dr. Zale’s primary research focus is applied aquatic ecology directed at native fish assemblage restoration, a prominent and pressing ecological and societal issue in Rocky Mountain and Great Plains ecosystems as well as in similar ecosystems worldwide. Other areas of emphasis include thermal biology, especially the generation of empirical data in both the laboratory and field needed to assess the effects of climate change, movement ecology, and recreational fishery management. However, Dr. Zale’s overarching research goal is to answer the applied aquatic research questions that the Unit’s State and Federal Cooperators need to have answered to achieve their missions. He has therefore conducted research on a broad range of topics. His teaching focuses on preparing his students for agency positions. He also teaches a graduate course entitled Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management.

Research Interests

Aquatic wild life conservation, restoration, and management:

  • native fishes,
  • prairie fishes,
  • thermal ecology,
  • sport and commercial fishery management,
  • population dynamics and effects of exotic fishes,
  • effects of environmental degradation and habitat on recreational salmonid fisheries,
  • Central American fisheries.

Teaching Interests

Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management (WILD 525)