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Allen Andersen, PhD

Allen is a Research Geologist in the Spokane, WA field office for Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center. Allen works on projects related to economic geology.

Allen's broader interests include the genesis of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits, geochemistry applied to the assessment of critical mineral resources, fluid-rock interaction, and ore-forming processes of critical mineral deposits. More specifically, his wok focuses on the geology of rare earth element (REE) deposits, the behavior of REE in fluids and carbonatite magmas, and mineral resources associated with Paleogene magmatism across western North America. Allen also maintains interest in the formation of magmatic ore deposits enriched in platinum-group elements, chromium, nickel, copper, cobalt, titanium, and vanadium. Prior to joining the USGS, he spent more than six summers as a consulting geologist in the mineral exploration industry.

Current Projects

  • 2019–Present: Critical Elements in Carbonatites: From Exploration Targets to Element Distribution
  • 2018–Present: Critical Commodity Studies, Stillwater Complex, Montana
  • 2019–Present: Mineral Resource Assessment Training (Tungsten)