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Benjamin S. Linhoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Benjamin Linhoff is a research hydrologist for the USGS Water Resources Mission Area, Earth System Process Division.

Dr. Linhoff specializes in using hydrogeochemistry, biogeochemistry, and isotope geochemistry to answer questions related to groundwater hydrology and the fate and transport of nutrients, metals, and emerging contaminants in surface water and groundwater. His current research is on selenium biogeochemistry in the Kootenai River watershed, tracing PFAS through arid environments, the effect of wildfires on water quality, and groundwater quantity trends in the United States.

Prior to the USGS, his graduate research focused on developing chemical tracers of Greenland Ice Sheet hydrology and the chemical evolution of hypersaline soda lakes in Mongolia. Between graduate degrees, he worked in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he operated several mass spectrometers and researched groundwater quality in northern New Mexico.

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