Brian Shiro

Brian Shiro serves as Seismic Network Manager at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO). He oversees instrumentation, data processing, analysis, and distribution from about 100 stations in the State of Hawaii. Shiro also manages HVO's formal response to significant earthquakes and volcanic activity. He also serves as Advanced National Seismic System regional coordinator for Hawaii.



  • Supervisory Geophysicist - US Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory: Hilo, HI (2016-03 to present)
  • Geophysicist - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Honolulu, HI (2005-09 to 2016-03)
  • Graduate Assistant (Seismology) - Washington University in Saint Louis: Saint Louis, MO (2000-07 to 2005-05)
  • Undergraduate Assistant (Geochemistry and Geodesy) - Northwestern University: Evanston, IL (1998-09 to 2000-06)
  • NSF/NASA Fellow (Glaciology and Exploration Geophysics) - Juneau Icefield Research Program: Juneau, AK (1999-06 to 1999-08)
  • NSF REU Intern (InSAR Geodesy) - University of Alaska Fairbanks: Fairbanks, AK (1998-06 to 1998-08)
  • NSF REU Intern (Applied Physics) - Rice University and NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston, TX (1997-06 to 1997-08)


  • Ph.D. (in progress), Geology and Geophysics - University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa: Honolulu, HI (2013-01 to present)
  • M.S., Space Studies - University of North Dakota: Grand Forks, ND (2007-08 to 2010-12)
  • M.A., Earth and Planetary Sciences - Washington University in Saint Louis: Saint Louis, MO (2000-08 to 2002-12 M.A., 2002-12 to 2005-05 Ph.D. ABD)
  • B.A., Integrated Science Program, Geological Sciences, Physics - Northwestern University: Evanston, IL (1996-09 to 2000-06)
  • Graduate Summer Schools:
    International Space University: Vancouver, BC (2005)
    NASA Planetary Science Summer School: Pasadena, CA (2003)
    NASA High Performance Computational Physics Summer School: Greenbelt, MD (2002)