David S Armstrong


Dave Armstrong is a hydrologist at the USGS New England Water Science Center in Massachusetts with more than 25 years of experience investigating water resource issues in New England. His background is primarily in surface-water hydrology. He completed his B.A. in Geosciences at Hobart College in 1982, and took graduate courses in forest hydrology, ground-water hydrology, and limnology at the University of Minnesota. Dave started with the USGS as a Hydrological Technician in the Minnesota Water Science Center in 1989, and has worked as a hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center since 1992.Dave has extensive experience working on multidisciplinary investigations to support state water-resource managers in their efforts to protect and restore water resources, habitat, and ecosystems in New England. He is author on numerous USGS technical reports with a focus on understanding relations between streamflow and habitat; and ecological responses to water withdrawals and land-use in streams and wetlands. Dave currently is working on investigations that are developing a water-quality monitoring strategy for the Taunton River Estuary and Mount Hope Bay, collecting water-quality data at freshwater sites in eastern Massachusetts to demonstrate a process for calculating aluminum criteria, and investigating fish and macroinvertebrate responses to impervious cover. Dave is certified in electrofishing and as a USGS MOCC boat operator.