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Frederick Stumm

 My projects have involved the application of hydrology, geology, and geophysics to environmental and engineering problems.  They include delineating the extent of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers, mapping roadsalt plumes, detecting bridge scour, mapping hydrogeologic frameworks, delineating the fractured-rock groundwater system in Manhattan, and mapping depth to bedro

   I hold a B.S. in Geology from Hofstra University, a M.S.. in Geology from California State University Fresno, and a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science from the City University of New York Graduate Center.  I take a multi-disciplinary approach applying Hydrology, Geology, and Geophysics with a focus on understanding the extent and mechanisms for saltwater intrusion on Long Island, the deposition of complex hydrogeologic frameworks, and quantifying fractured-rock groundwater flow.  I recieved the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award from the New York Federal Executive Board for my work on delineating the fractures, faults, foliation, and groundwater flow in Manhattan's bedrock using advanced borehole geophysical methods in support of the New York City Water Tunnel #3 Project.  I have worked for the New York Water Science Center for over 20 years on studies that have helped coastal communities manage their water resources by delineating the extent of saltwater intrusion, improve construction safety and reduce cost overruns during construction of New York City Water Tunnel #3, the new Croton Water Filtration Tunnel, and the leakage in the Rondout West Branch Water Tunnel in Wawarsing NY, map the depth to bedrock in NYC, and delineated the extent of bridge scour at the Sloop Channel Bridge that lead to it's replacement.  My ongoing projects include the delineation of the fractured-rock flow system in Wawarsing in support of the planned tunnel leakage repairs, the creation of the highest resolution bedrock maps for NYC in support of it's geothermal energy program, delineation of the saltwater-freshwater interface on Shelter Island NY, and remapping the hydrogeologic framework and delineation of saltwater intrusion throughout Long Island.  My current research involves the application of radio signals transmitted between two wells to create two and three dimensional images of conductivity which can be used to map conductive plumes and possibly voids in bedrock.