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Glenn Olsen, Ph.D.

Glenn is the Veterinary Medical Officer at the Eastern Ecological Science Center in Laurel, MD.

Captive Wildlife Health Program

  • Developed vaccination programs for West Nile virus and aspergillosis for captive wildlife
  • Veterinarian member of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee under the Animal Welfare Act
  • Treat a variety of wildlife species, mostly avian and reptile for illness and injuries
  • Co-located on National Wildlife Refuge, run rehabilitation program for injured and ill wildlife brought in from the refuge

Sea Duck Research Program

  • Developed and continually refine and update surgical techniques for implanting transmitters in diving ducks
  • Developed techniques for sedating birds to test hearing for ABRs both in air and under water
  • Testing pentosodine as a technique for aging long-lived sea ducks

Crane Research Program

  • Developed health network to support ultralight led migrations of whooping cranes
  • Developed techniques for parent-rearing whooping cranes for release in Wisconsin
  • Conducted 5 years of released of parent-reared whooping cranes in Wisconsin
  • Conducted vaccination and challenge studies in a BSL-3 laboratory setting for West Nile virus in cranes
  • Conducted vaccination and challenge studies for a coccidia vaccination in cranes and endangered masked bobwhite quail 

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