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Jane Rogosch, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Dr. Rogosch received her PhD from the University of Washington and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Missouri before joining the Texas Unit in 2020. Her research is centered around the ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes with emphasis on the influence of altered flow conditions, invasive species, and other aspects of environmental change. She has worked on topics that include the management and recovery of endangered fishes in dryland rivers of the desert Southwest, the effects of low-head dams on stream habitat and fish community composition in the Great Plains, and the dynamics of fish communities in response to nonnative species and increasing hydrologic drought across the southwestern United States. Her research aims to inform conservation and management of freshwater fishes with a strong emphasis on the application of quantitative approaches to data analysis.<br>Dr. Rogosch’s lab uses a variety of quantitative methods for building models of populations, spatial and compositional analysis of communities, and applying innovative techniques for exploring food-web structure, invasive species distributions, and environmental gradients across riverine landscapes.