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Jason Rohweder

I have interdisciplinary expertise in biology, geographical information systems (GIS) and application programming. My work emphasizes landscape ecology and the creation of flexible tools and models to assess species habitat. 

Recent Projects:

  • Web mapping application development
    • West Newton Chute Native Mussel Story Map
    • Upper Mississippi River System - Systemic Spatial Data Viewer
    • Upper Mississippi River Restoration - Long Term Resource Monitoring element - Spatial Data Query Tool
    • Upper Mississippi River System - Historic Map Viewer
  • Isle Royale National Park - Modelling spatial and temporal variability in browsing by moose under varying predation scenarios
  • Tool and data development in support of the Monarch Conservation Science Partnership
    • Monarch Conservation Science Partnership Map Viewer and Tools
  • Management Unit Prioritization Tools
  • Anticipated Effects of Development on Habitat Fragmentation and Movement of Mammals Into and Out of the Schoodic District, Acadia National Park, Maine
  • Application of Wind Fetch and Wave Models for Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects
    • 2012 update
  • LINK: ArcGIS Tools for Conservation Planning