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Jeffrey Falke, PhD

Unit Leader - Nevada Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Jeff's research program focuses on the impact of environmental stressors such as climate and land use change on fish population, with emphases on freshwater fish ecology, management, and conservation biology, freshwater processes and habitat dynamics, climate change impacts, landscape and spatial ecology, and invasive species biology. 

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Freshwater fish ecology and conservation biology;
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology of salmonids;
  • Landscape and spatial ecology of freshwater ecosystems;
  • Climate change impacts on aquatic systems;
  • Impacts of introduced species on native aquatic fauna

Multidisciplinary in nature, Jeff's research includes retrospective and forecasting analyses, is carried out at fine to broad-spatial scales, and is responsive to the needs of cooperators. Jeff's current research includes resiliency of boreal stream ecosystems to wildlife, hydrologic and juvenile salmon responses to climate change in coastal Alaska, and impacts and management of invasive Northern pike in south-central Alaska. He teaches graduate courses in research design and freshwater habitat dynamics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.