Jeffrey Ziegeweid


My research interests are diverse and include 1) using chemical and statistical techniques to understand migration patterns, habitat selection, and physiological responses of fish, 2) relating changes in water levels, streamflow, water quality, and climate on aquatic ecosystem function, 3) fate and transport of sediment in the environment, 4) determination and application of streamflow statistics, and 5) use of hydroacoustic equipment in surface-water studies.  Previously, I was a crew leader for the National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA), a nationwide stream health assessment effort led by the USEPA. I was also previously a crew leader for a NAWQA trends ecological site.  I am currently a member of the St. Croix Basin Water Resources Planning Team, and I am also actively involved in the Rainy River/Lake of the Woods and Red River Basins. Recently, I was involved in a USGS effort to coordinate USGS activities in the Mississippi River Basin and align USGS science priorities in the Mississippi River Basin with the needs and priorities of several partner agencies. Partner agencies on my projects include Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, International Joint Commission, National Park Service, USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, Missouri Department of Conservation, University of Minnesota, South Dakota State University, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Northern Arizona University, the USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, and the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.


MS  2006   University of Georgia, Forestry and Natural Resources (Fisheries Emphasis)

BS   2004   University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Biology (Aquatic Science) & Chemistry Majors, Mathematics Minor

Professional Experience

2020-Present: Supervisory Hydrologist, River and Coastal Processes Team Lead, USGS UMid WSC, Mounds View, MN

2020: Ecologist, Research Coordinator, USGS Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (120-day detail)

2018-2020: Acting River and Coastal Processes Team Lead, USGS Upper Midwest Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN

2017-2018: Reports Specialist, USGS Minnesota Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN

2016-2018: River Systems (Sediment) Team Lead, Investigations, USGS MN Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN

2012-2020: Hydrologist, Investigations, USGS MN Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN

2010-2012: Hydrologic Technician, Investigations, USGS MN Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN

2008-2010: Hydrologic Technician, Data Section, USGS MN Water Science Center, Grand Rapids, MN

2008: Microbiologist, VHS Surveillance, WI Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI

2007: Office Coordinator/Sample Courier, Coffey Laboratories, Incorporated, Redmond, OR

2006-2007: Antarctica Study Abroad Program, University of Georgia (Athens)

2004-2006: Graduate Research Fellow, School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia (Athens)

2003: Research Assistant, Streams Crew, Toolik Lake Arctic LTER Station, Alaska, Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, MA

2002: Undergraduate Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

2001-2002: Research Assistant, Toxicology, River Studies Center, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

2000-2001: Fisheries Assistant, LTRMP, Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center, Onalaska, WI


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