Jessica Hopple


Jessica began her career with the USGS at the Stable Isotope Laboratory in Reston, Virginia where she developed new techniques to analyze gas, rock and water samples for stable isotopes. She later joined the Organic Degradation Project and was involved in studies on the fate and transport of organic contaminants in subsurface environments in Florida, Minnesota, and New Jersey. In 1995 she transferred to the New Jersey Water Science Center to work on the Long Island/New Jersey NAWQA project. Jessica has directed several projects dealing with drinking water quality. In particular she has assessed the susceptibility of public supply wells and surface water intakes to contamination, studied the types of organic compounds that contribute to the formation of disinfection byproducts in public drinking water systems, and related the quality of source water and finished drinking water to the natural and man-made processes that can affect the quality of water. Jessica is currently the database manager on the NAWQA Integrated Watershed Studies project. Jessica is proficient in compiling large datasets from different sources into comprehensive Microsoft Access databases and in verification, management, documentation, and dissemination of complex environmental information.