Kirk A Miller

Kirk Miller is responsible for USGS surface-water monitoring networks in Wyoming and Montana.


Kirk Miller is the Chief of the Hydrologic Data Section in the U.S. Geological Survey’s Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center. He is responsible for ensuring over 30 scientists in five locations have the resources required to provide timely, high-quality, water-resources data from a network of more than 300 monitoring sites across Wyoming and Montana. Kirk has served in his present role as a Data Chief since 2004. During that period, he also served on a user group guiding development of NWISWeb, the USGS’ primary product for water-resources data dissemination. He also provided field and training support to the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Dry Valleys long-term ecological research program in Antarctica. From 1988 to 2004, Kirk served as a principal investigator on a flood-frequency regionalization study, on the USGS’ National Water-Quality Assessment Program’s Yellowstone River Basin study, and on county-wide water-resource assessments. He also assisted on groundwater-quality and glacial geochemistry investigations. In 1986, Kirk began his career as a physical science technician for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management before he joined the USGS as a hydrologic technician. Kirk has a bachelor of science in geology from the University of Wyoming.