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Lauren Edgar, Ph.D.

Dr. Lauren Edgar is a Research Geologist studying the Earth, Moon, and Mars through a combination of remote sensing and field techniques, to support robotic and human exploration of the Solar System. 

Dr. Edgar’s work involves operating Mars rovers, providing field training to support human exploration, and conducting terrestrial analog studies. Lauren leads the Terrestrial Analogs for Research and Geologic Exploration Training (TARGET) program, which focuses on training, research, data archiving and sample collections to support analog work.  Her research aims to understand planetary surface processes through the use of rover and orbital observations and field analogs.   She has experience with field characterization of terrestrial sedimentary and volcanic environments, geologic mapping, sample collection and processing, analysis of remote sensing data, and mission operations.  Dr. Edgar has more than 15 years of mission operations experience in support of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and Mars Exploration Rovers (MER).  She is involved in facilitating geology training for NASA engineers, managers, astronauts, and mission teams, as well as field analog simulations to prepare for NASA’s Artemis Program, including participation in NASA’s Joint Extravehicular Activity (EVA) & Human Surface Mobility Test Team (JETT) and Desert Research and Technology Studies (DRATS). 

Lauren is also passionate about science communication and outreach.  She regularly participates in school visits, public lectures, mission blogs, science curriculum development, and community outreach events.