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Marian M Domanski

Marian is a Hydrologist with the USGS, Central Midwest Water Science Center in Urbana, Illinois.

The development of the Surrogate Analysis and Index Developer (SAID) tool has spanned a good portion  of Marian's time at the USGS. Besides developing it, he has given classes on its use, provided support for numerous USGS personnel around the country, and wrote an OFR that serves as the SAID manual. He also developed other small scale scientific software utilities and one-time-use scripts to support investigative projects. Additionally, Marian has been involved with the development of the single-frequency sediment acoustic policy, and is a coauthor on the recently published T&M 3-C5, which covers the use of sediment acoustic methods. Other recent project involvement includes supporting the 1D unsteady hydraulic model FEQ and the development of a HEC-ResSim reservoir model that facilitates communication of flow forecasts between the NWS and IDNR, the operators of the reservoir. Some of his current project involvement include rewriting and modifying SAID to incorporate a multi-frequency sediment acoustic method, performing a sensitivity analysis of lateral inflow attenuation parameters for the hydraulic model FEQ, and updating the documentation for FEQ and FEQUTL.